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Pear Thyme Gin Fizz

This Pear Thyme Gin Fizz cocktail is bubbly, slightly tart, yet sweet and refreshing! Made with a homemade thyme simple syrup combined with fresh lemon and gin topped with sparkling water. The perfect cocktail to ring in the new year!

This easy cocktail recipe is perfectly sweet, gorgeous, and refreshing! It’s got all the same components of a basic gin fizz, but with thyme infused simple syrup! Thyme has a subtle, aromatic herb flavor that combines well with the lemon and gin creating a refreshing and complex cocktail. Using fresh thyme versus dried thyme ensures a softer flavor in the simple syrup.

Traditionally, an egg white that is shaken vigorously is what brings that extra froth and the fizz to a gin fizz. Also an authentic gin fizz should include it but at home, I skip it. The “fizz” in this Pear Thyme Gin Fizz is simply sparkling water. Any brand of plain fizzy sparkling water will do for this cocktail.

Hope you enjoy this recipe! And, if you do make this recipe please let me know in the comments below what you think! I love hearing from you.

And of course, tag me on Instagram. Nothing makes me happier than to see your recreations.


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